Tube or pneumatic post is the service of correspondence transportation and small parcels in capsules that drive into tubes, by the help of compressed air. This method was used by many countries and was interrupted the late years. The disposed philatelic material include special postmarks, postal stationery of pneumatic post (postcards and covers), while Italy is the only country that issued special stamps.
                                                      (See detailed article in the THEMATIC PHILATELIST, No 33/2007)  



Postmarks of pneumatic post




Pictures of the Italian pneumatic post


Letter of the Italian tube post 1929)


Postal stationery of the Brazilian tube post


Postal stationery of the French tube post


Folding letter, from the first of the Austrian tube post (1864)


Letter of the Austrian tube post  (1881)


Festive English postal stationery with postmark "Tube Post"


German postal stationery envelop with "Rohrpost" (tube post)


German postal stationery "Rohrpost" (1940)


Air mail letter from Norway to Germany, handled in town by tube post (1942)


German postal stationery of tube post, for use in town of Buenos Aires


Envelop of tube post of an American society