Our club was founded in 1989 and was officially recognized with Athens court No. 683/1990 adjudication. A group of known philatelists from Athens and other parts of Greece, although not thematic philatelists in their majority, having discerned the absence of a pure thematic club in Greece, took the decision and initiative for its establishment.
Charter members were 27.

A provisional council was elected on December 16, 1989.
In October 1990 the first number of bulletin of the club was issued.
The elections for the first board members, because of various problems and difficulties,
were late to be accomplished. It was realized on April 11, 1993.
The first elected council

President . ardoulis
Vice-President P. K. Kordatos
General Secretary G. Karatsalis
Treasurer A. Iatrides
Curator O. Stamelos
Members: . Chelidonis (rikala)
G. Varouchas (Crete)
From the first elections of 1993 until those of 29 March 2003, N. Kardoulis was continuously elected President of the PANHELLENIC SOCIETY OF THEMATIC PHILATELY & YOUTH. In 2003, he was succeed by P. Leoussis, current President.
Since its foundation, our Society was housed in a rented office in the centre of Athens.
Since 2000 its desk has moved to the current premises:
12, Agiou Dimitriou Str., GR- 144 52, Metamorfosi.
Board for the years 2015-2016
Pantelis Leoussis, President
Panagiotis Kangelaris, Vice-President
Spyros Papagianis, General Secretary
Vasilis Petrochilos, Treasurer
Stathis Poularakis, Curator
Fotiow Moschos (Nafpactos), Member
Aristomenis Kaliviotis (Karditsa), member