The aims of our club include:


1. the advancement of philately and, especially, thematic philately in Greece,

2. the attraction and encouragement of newer and older philatelists to this wonderful type of collection,

3. the improvement of old and new philatelists' level, in any possible way,

4. the establishment and spreading of philatelic thematic knowledge and rules.



Media for the achievement of these aims are:


1. the publication of a magazine of thematic content,

2. the organization of exhibitions in Athens and other towns in Greece,

3. the organization of philatelic thematic presentations, speeches and seminars,

4. the organization of auctions among the club members,

5. the promotion and encouragement for the participation of our members to small, non professional auctions, organized by friendly thematic societies of abroad, in order to improve their collections,

6. the comprehensive presentation of all international regulations regarding thematic philately exhibiting,

7. the connection of Greek thematic collectors with colleagues of abroad for the exchange of philatelic material and information,

8. the encouragement and promotion of advanced thematic collections to international exhibitions, in order to acquire the experience of participation as well as to sense the competition. 




Upon subscription, our members ensure:

·      Four numbers of the THEMATIC PHILATELIST annually, free of charge.

·      Participation to small thematic auctions abroad, under the exclusive care of the club. The final prices in these auctions are much lower than in professional auctions, as sellers and buyers are exclusively philatelists, members of various clubs.

·      Addresses of thematic philatelists of foreign countries, for the necessary exchange of thematic material.

·      Any kind of assistance and reliable advice to young thematic collectors.

·      Assurance of exhibits' participation in international exhibitions abroad.

·      Publication of small advertisements free of charge.

 Our club is the only Greek society that can help effectively new and old collectors in their first steps of a proper thematic collection, with the perspective of a future presentation to philatelic competitive exhibitions. It is the only club that can contribute to the improvement of a thematic collection's level and guide to the right method of collecting.


The THEMATIC PHILATELIST is the only Greek magazine with thematic philately its exclusive object.