The PANHELLENIC SOCIETY OF THEMATIC PHILATELY & YOUTH has published a Bulletin during the whole span of its life. Since the day it was founded until 1999, the Bulletin was printed with the use of a polygraph, in sheets of paper of Α4 format. Its contents mainly included club news, philatelic activities in Greece, as well as information on new stamp issues of Greece, Cyprus and the United Nations.

The NEWSLETTER of the P.S.T.P. & YOUTH, as it was then named, achieved a respectable standard and was awarded various  prizes and diplomas in Greece and Cyprus ("ATHENS-PIRAEUS ‘95" Silver Bronze, "KIFISSIA ’98" Silver, “CYPRUS– EUROPHILEX ‘95” Silver Bronze etc.).

One of the last issues of the NEWSLETTER,
before its replacement by the THEMATIC PHILATELIST.

At the beginning of 2000, the new quarterly magazine THE THEMATIC PHILATELIST was first published. It started with few pages and a number of technical problems. Its creators showed a lot of enthusiasm but lacked the necessary technical knowledge and modern tools. Year in year out, the essential experience has been acquired. Contents, quality and appearance of the Bulletin have improved and its significance within the Hellenic Thematic Philately continuously increased.


The short history of the THEMATIC PHILATELIST:

Issue Νο 1, in black and white cover and 16 pages only


Left: Issue Νο 2, coloured cover, black and white contain and 36 pages
Right: Issue Νο 35, July-September 2008, fool coloured cover and contain, pages 48.



Issues Νο 34 and 35 (2008)


In the pages of the Thematic Philatelist one can find: 

  • all the rules and necessary information for the correct compilation of thematic collections. From theme's choice, through the intermediate stages, to the final appearance of the exhibition sheets, all are presented with analytic and perfectly understandable way.

  • extensive iinformation on exhibitions in Greece and abroad.

  • our club news.

  • news of other Hellenic philatelic clubs, various philatelic activities and other events of philatelic content.

  • new stamp issues and commemorative/propaganda cancellations from Greece, Cyprus and the UN, with corresponding depictions, if and when available.

  • a permanent column on the history of philatelic exhibitions in Greece of all types.

  • interesting thematic articles with varied thematic content, translated or in prototype, written by Greek or foreign eminent thematic collectors.

  • a permanent column with examples of plans of thematic collections, chosen from multi-prized international level collections of foreign collectors.

  • publication of exhibition pages of chosen thematic collections, or even entire thematic One Frame collections, suitable to be used as models.

  • free of charge publication of members' small announcements.

  • caricatures and sketches of philatelic content etc.

The Thematic Philatelist is distributed to the members free of charge.

                                                        (Contains of the THEMATIC PHILATELIST)